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I Just Sold...

Colours of Happiness by Thelma1

Colours of Happiness

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I'd just like to apologize for not being here much lately :forgiveme:
This hot weather and humidity is killing me, I absolutely hate the summer, and my asthma and allergies
aren't helping either. I'm finding it difficult to sleep, breathe or eat, and so I feel totally washed out and useless.
Each summer seems harder to handle the older I get, but that's life I suppose :shrug:
I'm VERY far behind and have tons of messages, notes, and mentions etc' that I haven't answered :(:(
I WILL catch up....eventually, please don't think I am ignoring you, I am so sorry for being slow :slow:

I did manage to get in my garden yesterday just to take a few photo's of my adorable little froglets :love:
Sadly I've done bugger all else out there as I've felt utterly exhausted and ill most days.
I'll post a couple of shots in a minute, and hope this will give me the incentive to start to catch up :fingerscrossed:
Sorry to sound so miserable, can't wait for Autumn and some cooler weather :phew:

Hello my friends :wave:
Well, I've been very ill...again, the same flu-like virus that I had over Christmas :(:(
It knocked the stuffing out of me, all I seem to have been doing is sleeping, and the hot weather hasn't helped either.
I've lost about a month offline, which has felt like forever :(
I know I'm a bit odd, but I really hate the summer, the sun and the heat make me feel ill as it is, and the hot weather and humidity just doesn't suit me. It's the worst time I could choose to be ill (not that I CHOSE to be ill haha)
Plus my summer allergies kick in around April and early May so they haven't bloody helped either :rage:

What's making me frustrated though, is all the time I felt ill, it was the time of the year I should have been out working on my garden, now I'm late getting it all done and I still feel weak and tired :frustrated:
I'm really pleased to be back here, but I will be offline quite a bit on and off over the next few weeks catching up in my garden....hopefully :fingerscrossed:
I apologize for being soooo far behind, and will try to catch up, though it will be slow going :forgiveme:
I haven't made any new fractals for ages and I really miss posting my stuff, so I'll delve into my saved older work for now :)
I've missed you all so much, and please bear with me while I juggle with being on here and doing my gardening.
Love you all :love::heart::love:

I have sadly decided that I can no longer
thank everyone individually :(:(
I know you will all understand that it's mainly a lack of time,  please scroll down
a little to see "MY HEARTFELT THANKS" on this page :heart::thanks::heart:
This is a HUGE thank you to the wonderful people who have purchased my prints or products recently, I am extremely grateful that you like my work enough to buy some of it, and I'm very flattered too.
Just a note about the mugs... my fractals (or photo's) wrap around the WHOLE of the mug, and aren't just a little image on one side, so they are very good value for money  :):):)
Please take a moment to browse in my shop :please::please:

The 2 photo's below show a small selection
of my print products, Mugs, some Coasters,
and a Mouse Pad, all purchased from here
on DA. The quality is truly awesome :heart:
MY DA PRINT PRODUCTS by Thelma1Mug Shot by Thelma1 I'm Starving Buy My Prints by tynana

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Although I've always tried my best to thank each new faver or watcher, I've found it harder and harder to find time to create anything :(:(
So, I will no longer be thanking each of you personally :forgiveme:
I am truly sorry, and I really do appreciate every single fave on my art, and also any new watchers who give me their encouragement and support, but it's almost impossible to keep up with messages etc', and find time to play too :phew:

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and I will try my best to get to your galleries whenever I get the chance :heart:
I hope you will all understand :bow::thanks::heart::love::thanks::bow:

There is no need to thank me for faves or watch's either :D
And I really don't mind if you fave and run :sprint: :D
After all...Favs stamp by ankewehner

dA Thanks Stamp. by jugga-lizzleSTAMP: I love my watchers by djRimziRead Comments by LumiResources


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