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I Just Sold...

Rainbow Ocean. by Thelma1

Rainbow Ocean.

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Hello my friends, I am back here at last :phew:
I'm pleased to say I'm over the rotten depression I had, and I've sorted out many real-life things, some of which made me angry. I don't like getting angry, it makes me feel ill, as I'm a very easy going and placid person. I won't bore you with details, but I hope this sort of rubbish doesn't happen again any time soon :fingerscrossed:

Onto happier stuff, my pond is more or less finished, I've put in a few rockery plants plus a couple of water plants too.
But BEST of all, I now have frogs-spawn :excited::eager::woohoo::excited:
Here's hoping for lots of fabulous froggies in the near future :fingerscrossed: :D

Also, the lovely man who gave me the pond lining, along with his wife, bought me 3 beautiful baby goldfish as a present for my birthday, wasn't that wonderful of them :love:
I can't begin to tell you how much pleasure my pond is giving me, I can't stop going out in my garden and just staring at it haha. I can't believe I've actually got a proper little pond at last, especially at this late stage in my life :D :D :D
I'll be posting the couple of latest photo's of it when I've done this journal :):)

I read all the wonderful comments on my last journal, and I want to say a very big heartfelt thank you for all your caring thoughts and messages, you are all the kindest friends anyone could wish for :thanks::heart::bow:
I feel a little sad that I wasn't here on my birthday, and I'd like to say another big thank you here in this journal for all the wonderful wishes and gifts of points and cakes, as I'm not sure I'll be able to thank everyone individually.
Also, I know I have gifts, but as my deviations number in the thousands, please bear with me while I try to catch up and finally get to see them.

I am overwhelmed at the size of my message center, not to mention a ton of notes, and also loads of mentions, so once again, please know that I'll get to everything, it may just take me quite a long time. For this I apologize :forgiveme:
When my message center gets so huge I seem to get slower than I usually am, just bear with me :slow::slow::slow:
And lastly, one more apology, sorry this journal is sooooo long heehee :giggle:
Love you all :love::heart::love:

I have sadly decided that I can no longer
thank everyone individually :(:(
I know you will all understand that it's mainly a lack of time,  please scroll down
a little to see "MY HEARTFELT THANKS" on this page :heart::thanks::heart:
This is a HUGE thank you to the wonderful people who have purchased my prints or products recently, I am extremely grateful that you like my work enough to buy some of it, and I'm very flattered too.
Just a note about the mugs... my fractals (or photo's) wrap around the WHOLE of the mug, and aren't just a little image on one side, so they are very good value for money  :):):)
Please take a moment to browse in my shop :please::please:

The 2 photo's below show a small selection
of my print products, Mugs, some Coasters,
and a Mouse Pad, all purchased from here
on DA. The quality is truly awesome :heart:
MY DA PRINT PRODUCTS by Thelma1Mug Shot by Thelma1 I'm Starving Buy My Prints by tynana

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Although I've always tried my best to thank each new faver or watcher, I've found it harder and harder to find time to create anything :(:(
So, I will no longer be thanking each of you personally :forgiveme:
I am truly sorry, and I really do appreciate every single fave on my art, and also any new watchers who give me their encouragement and support, but it's almost impossible to keep up with messages etc', and find time to play too :phew:

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and I will try my best to get to your galleries whenever I get the chance :heart:
I hope you will all understand :bow::thanks::heart::love::thanks::bow:

There is no need to thank me for faves or watch's either :D
And I really don't mind if you fave and run :sprint: :D
After all...Favs stamp by ankewehner

dA Thanks Stamp. by jugga-lizzleSTAMP: I love my watchers by djRimziRead Comments by LumiResources


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Thank you so much for the fave :rose:
Thanks for faving :iconnewhugplz:
thanks for more faves!!!
cricketumpire 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
...and thanks for faving "Oh dear..."  :+fav:   I must apologise for the title. As everyone will know the animal is a 'deer' but along with the accompanying quote, the more remorseful 'Oh dear' seemed appropriate! I must try to restrain my (poor) sense of humour! :confused:   Your interest is appreciated as always   :huggle:
(Sorry for two separate replies but your messages were a page apart!)

cricketumpire 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer

Thanks for allowing the charming little robin entry into your favourites gallery :+fav:
Really appreciated as always Thelma - keep watching!  :dalove:

Thanks Thelma for :+fav:ing 'Kettles'. Have a good Easter  :hug:
Kettles by Deb-e-ann
Thanks kindly, Thelma :icondullvivid:
ingeline-art 6 hours ago   Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for faving -
that means so much for me!
Ingeline-art cologne;-)))Warm Hugs 

eastergreetings :
eastergift from Ingeline 2 by ingeline-art
Thank you very much for the faves!
Hi Thelma - many thanks for the llama, Watch and all those faves - you are too kind. I have added one of your images to my Watchers Collection ==>… and my pal Bran says "Hello".

Brian the Llama by Okavanga

Glad you're back. I've been there myself.

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