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I Just Sold...

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Ooooh, what an amazing surprise I got when I came online today :wow: :excited:
A wonderful person has gifted me a whole years membership subscription :woohoo:
He/she is anonymous so I'd like to  thank whoever it is from the bottom of my heart for
being sooo kind and thoughtful :bow: :thanks: I truly appreciate your generous gift, and
of course, this means I'll definitely be around here for a long time now, and this makes
me very happy as I've missed everyone so much.
:D :thanks: :love: :heart: :bow: :huggle: :woohoo:

Hello to all my lovely friends :wave:
I know I haven't been here at DA for many many months, but I've missed you all :(

The last time I came online to this site I was absolutely shocked and horrified to see
that they had almost doubled the price of the premium membership, and given it a new
'ridiculous' name too :shocked:
I know the price of everything in life goes up, inflation etc' etc', but nearly DOUBLED !!!!!
And from what I read here, DA's only reason was "because we think we're worth it".
To me, that smacks of greed and arrogance :(

Anyway, that's my little rant over, but I have to say, I was so mad I didn't want to be here
any longer, and that's why I stayed away for soooo long.
I can't see me being able to afford the new hefty price for a further membership, I'm an
old-age-pensioner for Gods sake, and live on a measly state pension.
Doesn't DA know that old people and artists are mainly POOR ??

Well, I have 4 months left of my membership, so I thought I may as well come back here
until that runs out, hence this journal, and so you know I'm not dead haha :giggle:
After that, I'm not sure, I don't fancy going back to not having premium membership, and
it would be tough trying to scrape together that massive fee, so I may just leave, and take
my prints with me. I think DA has made quite enough money off of me.
I wlll decide when my 4 months run out :shrug:

For now I will post my works again, and I look forward to seeing all the fabulous art that I've
been missing. Not sure how I'll cope as I have thousands and thousands of messages and notes.
Please bear with me as I try to catch up, I may not be here as often as I used to be so it will be slow
going and I apologize in advance as I know I will have to delete quite a bit of stuff :tears: :(
And sorry for such a long long journal :forgiveme: :love: :heart:

I have sadly decided that I can no longer
thank everyone individually :(:(
I know you will all understand that it's mainly a lack of time,  please scroll down
a little to see "MY HEARTFELT THANKS" on this page :heart::thanks::heart:
This is a HUGE thank you to the wonderful people who have purchased my prints or products recently, I am extremely grateful that you like my work enough to buy some of it, and I'm very flattered too.
Just a note about the mugs... my fractals (or photo's) wrap around the WHOLE of the mug, and aren't just a little image on one side, so they are very good value for money  :):):)
Please take a moment to browse in my shop :please::please:

The 2 photo's below show a small selection
of my print products, Mugs, some Coasters,
and a Mouse Pad, all purchased from here
on DA. The quality is truly awesome :heart:
MY DA PRINT PRODUCTS by Thelma1Mug Shot by Thelma1   I'm Starving Buy My Prints by tynana

 Spiral Sunset by Thelma1      My Beautiful Lily by Thelma1
Purple and Gold by Thelma1      Horns by Thelma1
Psychedelic Meltdown by Thelma1      Glorious Silks by Thelma1 
Wild Flowers by Thelma1      Half Hidden Beauty by Thelma1  
Beneath the Blue by Thelma1      My world of rainbow colours by Thelma1
 Secret Signs by Thelma1     Babysoft Colours by Thelma1   
Drift into Dreamland by Thelma1      Rainbow by Thelma1
Rainbow Ocean. by Thelma1        Rainbow Breeze by Thelma1
Shadowy by Thelma1     Coffee and Cream by Thelma1     
Stacked by Thelma1     Psychedelic Dream by Thelma1     
Midnight Creeper by Thelma1     Meltdown by Thelma1   


Although I've always tried my best to thank each new faver or watcher, I've found it harder and harder to find time to create anything :(:(
So, I will no longer be thanking each of you personally :forgiveme:
I am truly sorry, and I really do appreciate every single fave on my art, and also any new watchers who give me their encouragement and support, but it's almost impossible to keep up with messages etc', and find time to play too :phew:

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and I will try my best to get to your galleries whenever I get the chance :heart:
I hope you will all understand :bow::thanks::heart::love::thanks::bow:

There is no need to thank me for faves or watch's either :D
And I really don't mind if you fave and run :sprint: :D
After all...Favs stamp by ankewehner

dA Thanks Stamp. by jugga-lizzleSTAMP: I love my watchers by djRimziRead Comments by LumiResources


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